Saturday, July 21, 2012

No more "one night stands"

We give up!  As a 2-person, full-time working, no staff B&B, we can't continue accepting reservations for only one night.  We've given it nearly 3 months, and it's just too hard.  I feel strongly that, being in the hospitality business, we should offer accommodations to everyone subject only to availability.  But to go through the routine of changing, washing, and ironing sheets; thoroughly cleaning the bathroom; dusting and vacuuming the bedroom, for just one night, well, I'm sorry but it's simply not worth it.  To do it several days in a row is exhausting.

A quick analysis showed that 65% of our reservations are for only one night, so we will clearly be giving up a lot of business with this policy.  I'm not saying we won't rethink it.  I'm not saying we won't try to find other solutions, like help.  But as a stop-gap measure to give us some breathing room, the 2-night minimum policy is now in place.

We've still got plenty of one-night stands already on the books, but I'm breathing easier already.

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