Sunday, July 15, 2012

B&B Do's and Don't's

A bed & breakfast is not a hotel.  It requires a different etiquette from a hotel.  Basically, you have to remember that you are in someone's home (unless, like 5 Corners, you're not; but to me that's not a B&B, that's a hotel that includes breakfast).  Therefore:

  1. DO let your hosts know if you're going to arrive significantly later than planned.
  2. DO knock or ring at the front door unless there's a sign specifically inviting you to walk in.
  3. DO compliment the hosts on the room you're shown.
  4. DON'T wander around the house looking at things or opening closed doors.
  5. DON'T change rooms in the middle of a visit unless you have a very good reason.
  6. DON'T use linens to clean up spills.
  7. DO make special requirements, e.g., dietary restrictions, known in advance or as soon as possible upon arrival.
  8. DON'T invite guests over without clearing it with the hosts first, especially for meals, and DO expect an additional charge for extra meals.
  9. DO treat the home, its furnishings, and anyone living or staying in it with courtesy and respect.
These are the ones that occur to me off the top of my head.  I'm sure I'll be adding to them, and invite contributions from B&B owners and patrons.

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