Sunday, September 9, 2012

Newest project: the shed

The shed last winter

No posts since July 21, huh?  Well, we've been busy, to say the least.  But we've got plenty more to do, so we're getting back in the saddle with a few new projects.

The big one will be the kitchen but we haven't quite gotten that one off the ground yet.  So the current project is turning the outside storage shed into a chicken coop, at least for the new chicks to come next month, eventually for all of them.  They'll still have their outside pen for free-ranging but this will give them some additional protection from the elements this winter since it's a space we can heat.  Plus, assuming we keep all 6 alive, we won't have room in our little coop for the whole flock so we'll need the additional space.

Here are the "before" pictures.  It's a nice little building but in pretty bad shape; fortunately, much of the foundation still seems to be sound.

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