Tuesday, July 17, 2012

To AC or not to AC

We've lost two guests - 3 nights total - due to the lack of functioning air conditioning.  The question is, should we use our AC for the comfort of our guests even though we (read "I") don't like it?  We are in the hospitality business, after all.  On the other hand, it's our home and we live here.

I really don't like AC.  I mean, I like being cool, of course, and these 98 degree days are kicking my butt.  But I prefer to have the windows open to the breeze and the outside noises.  I hate the sound of the AC.  I'm not sure how effectively we could cool this house anyway, with all its doors and windows, but to even try would mean running around closing them all, then opening them again once it cooled down.  Too much work.

And what's the big deal in being hot once in awhile.  Ok, it's uncomfortable, I don't deny it.  But so what?  You appreciate the cooler days that much more.

We're going to invest in ceiling fans and that will help a lot.  But - sorry, folks - we're not going to AC at The Buckeye and the Frog.

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  1. Some of us lived there for 10+ years without AC and survived just fine -- and my bedroom was in the attic! (-: Of course, it helped that I sometimes surreptitiously closed the attic door, so the fan that was supposed to pull cool night air through the whole house just pulled it into my bedroom. Shhh -- don't tell anyone.