Sunday, February 19, 2012


Somewhat concurrently with the entry way, I started to work on the kitchen which had fallen victim to our initial wallpaper-stripping madness.  I can't even remember what the wallpaper looked like, but apparently it was something we thought we couldn't live with.  We chose a pretty sky-blue for the walls and a warm beige for the inside of the cabinets, which were lime-green.  (Must have been last painted in the 70's.)  Except for the glass cabinet, which was rust red.  Go figure.

The drill was similar to the entryway:  wash, patch, sand, prime, paint.  The hardest part was the inside of the cabinets.  Just to make things really difficult, I used the wrong primer:  it was tan instead of white, so I had to re-primer and then put down 2 coats of paint.  What a pain.  I was literally painting upside down sometimes.

Of course, once we got the walls painted, the trim - which had looked pretty good - looked dull and too beige, so I painted that white.  These pictures were taken before the trim was painted.

Red cabinet

Much better

Trim still needs paint, and let's not even get into the orange formica countertops

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