Sunday, February 19, 2012

Foyer Updated

Turns out it wasn't done after all.  In the end, I didn't like the color blue we chose, so I had to do 2 more coats of the new, darker blue.  It was worth the effort!  I also forgot about the switchplates which still had the old wallpaper around them, and one of which needed some major plastic repair.  Not sure how I missed those in the weeks/months I've been working on them, but I understand it's not uncommon.

We're still waiting for the wainscoting to come so we can stain it and put it up.  We also had the floors redone and soon we'll be able to put down some area rugs to brighten it up and protect the floor.  We added 3 paintings and they look fantastic.

These pictures were taken before the floors were redone, and you can see the unfinished switch plate on the wall.  Billy and Bob Hernon did the stairway.  Next job there will be to replace the carpeting, but that won't be until the 2nd floor project is finished.

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