Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Change #1 (of...?)

The guys have taken out the linen closet and removed the plaster from the interior walls, exposing some very interesting wood lath work and a bearing brick wall.  They've exposed the door between our bedroom and sitting room that Dominique has insisted all along was there.

Question is, what do we do with what we see?  The lath work is very interesting, and dates from 1880, obviously.  Ditto the brick wall, which is also load-bearing.  We've asked our architect, Kim, to come over tomorrow to have a look with us.  Thursday we'll meet with the contractor to get his views.

We didn't buy an 1880 house to cover up all the old work with dry wall; on the other hand, these walls were never meant to be exposed, but to be plastered and wall-papered.  But these structural elements are so interesting and different!

Not good news on the kitchen redesign front:  our one recommendation isn't available to come over for about a month, and the only place I've found on-line seems to do renovations in the $30k-$60k range.  More research needed, clearly.

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