Thursday, May 24, 2012

One day before Commencement weekend explodes

So here's how the day went:

8:00 Janet ordering a quart of paint in order to finish the gray paint in the Buckeye room.  Approx. one ounce needed.  At 8:30, off to buy the paint and a new coffee maker - we still haven't found our old one.  Did we leave it in Atlanta?

Meanwhile, Dom is painting the staircase wood trim and the bathroom door.

10:30 Gray paint is complete.  Doing touch ups on ceiling and windows, taking up drop cloths, vacuuming paint chips.  Hung up a new set of sheets and pillow cases to dry.

Dom is painting windows while babysitting the dog and chickens.  Discovered the wood trim that Brian left for us.  When did he do that?  And why didn't he let us know he was here?  A call to him goes unanswered.

11:38 Janet is cleaning up paint spots on the floor.  With wall-to-wall drop cloths, how did paint get on the floor? 

12:20  Dom is finishing tinting the corner pieces for the floor and going on to sand the small patch on the second floor landing.  Janet is giving up on the paint spots for the time being; moving on to curtains, which need to be hemmed.  Oops, change of plans:  chicks out for fresh air and mental stimulation, sheets etc. brought in, hung up, thrown in washing machine.

12.35 Dom just finished first coat of taint on the corner never knows, Brian may come soon!

12:45 Good time for a lunch break.  Do we deserve a beer?  Can we afford one?  (Can we afford not to drink one?)

 1:35 Beer, yes.  Back to work:  curtains and patch priming.

1.45: Dom had to check some screen windows with Billy. Done
1.50: Dom start priming the base molding in the back stair case.  Oops, the door frame need priming, too.

3:00 Janet switches to bathroom cleaning.  Why?  Don't know, really.

5:15 Janet off to Lowe's to buy more curtain hooks.  And I was right next to a Home Depot this morning.  Arrrrrgh!

6:15 Janet back on the curtains.  Dom is still painting.  And Brian has shown up to do the corner pieces in the bedroom - yay!

7:00 Dom has to make a trip to Home Depot.  Incredible.

10:00 Philip Phillips is the 11th American Idol, and Janet just finished hemming the curtains.  Dom has been taking life easy :) 

12:00 Set the alarm for 6:00.  Doesn't seem like we're that close yet.  Will we make it???

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