Thursday, May 3, 2012

D-day minus 1

Tomorrow's the big day.  And I think - with one major exception - that we're going to be ready.  The bedroom has had the wainscoting added, the floors refinished, and the curtains hung; the furniture is in; the bathroom is decorated.  Couple of details to add:  soap and shampoo, the second curtain, the pillows.  Minor.

The landing is transformed, with wallpaper and wainscoting and refinished floors.  Unfortunately, this is the site of our one disappointment.  We have torn out the old carpeting and had scheduled new carpeting for the stairs from the ground floor to the third floor, plus a rug on the landing.  However, our carpeting person has apparently forgotten all about us and gone to Florida instead.  This is very, very disappointing.  Ok, infuriating.  We want to support local businesses but not at a cost to our own!

Deep breaths.  Back to the good stuff.

A green-thumb angel came by today and took over our front and side lawns, planting and pulling and mulching and I don't know what.  A messy, overgrown mass of weeds, a few daffodils, and an old ivy-covered tree trunk has been turned into a showcase of a garden.  It's beautiful!
Before I
Before II
Stay tuned for the "after" pictures - I don't have them yet!

It's nearly 11:30, it's been a long day, and tomorrow is going to be stressful, mentally if not physically.  Time for bed.

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