Monday, March 19, 2012

Office progress

Dom has made great progress in his little office and yesterday took the major step of hanging the dry wall.  It doesn't seem like much unless you've witnessed all the prep work that had to be done beforehand.  The wood paneling, unfortunately, will be re-painted, as it's been painted and stained so many times it would be near-impossible to restore it.  The brick wall, on the other hand, will remain exposed and has been urethaned to keep it looking nice and prevent it from absorbing water.

Now that  most of the dusty work in there is done, we can complete the library.  Yesterday we shelved most of the rest of our books, although there are a couple of boxes left and some rearranging will be necessary.  We have plenty of room for the bar things, DVDs, and art work.  There's still plenty to do but we're slowly getting back the room we enjoyed so much.
Electrical work in progress

Upper sheet rock hung

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