Monday, March 19, 2012

New project!

We await the advice of a dry wall expert to determine what we're going to do on the second floor landing.  In the meantime, for whatever reason, we decided that it was the right time to dismantle the enormously tall bookcase that was built in the back staircase.

I suppose Professor Ganzell is rolling in his grave, but honestly, books put in this case must have been ones that no one ever wanted to read - they were completely inaccessible after the 5th or 6th shelf.
View from the top of the stairs

We knocked down all the shelves and supports - happily, the bookcase had been built on top of the stairs so this actually opened up some new space in the staircase which is pretty narrow.  The walls were in bad shape with so many nails so most of yesterday was spent patching them.  It's impossible to work on them during the week since this is the crew's only access to the second floor, so it's going to stay roughly patched for a few days.

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