Thursday, November 29, 2012

Once is never enough

I'm getting very frustrated with the way nearly everything has to be done at least twice in order to be done right.  The latest case in point is the appliance store, who failed to order a critical piece for our cooktop-ventilating system (I won't even go into the rotisserie piece that never made it).  But it seems that it's been this way for nearly everything:  the countertop people had to come back to recut the granite (NOT their fault - they did an amazing job with amazing service); the wrong toilet was installed; the front stairway carpeting was measured incorrectly; the furniture is 2 weeks past its latest delivery commitment, and after a phone call and a face-to-face all we can find out is that it's "in the warehouse," whatever that means goes on and on.  Waste of our time to have to keep following up and extremely annoying.  Where's the quality control?  Where's the professionalism?

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