Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weekend work

Billy started the wallpapering today - oh my god it looks so beautiful.  Tomorrow he'll finish the larger bedroom and hopefully the landing as well.

Brian came by with the wood for the crown molding and chair rail which Dom will tint or paint this week, then they'll go up on Wed.  We had some bad news on our floor - the milling of the character-grade white oak made from reclaimed barn wood got bumped by the miller for a bigger project.  He can't even give us an estimate of when it might be ready.  So we're going with new wood - still character-grade white oak and from Ohio trees, but not reclaimed.  Very disappointing.   The good news is that it's less expensive, but it's very frustrating that this guy let us down.

Dom painted the second-to-third floor stairwell today and it looks great; just needs the wallpaper on the lower third.  And I worked on the smaller bedroom, which needs a ton of work.  The "accent" wall is ready for its wallpaper, and the other walls are in various stages of priming and skimcoating.  Lots of patching, taping, and caulking required, plus we'll have to paint the ceiling and floor molding.  Fortunately we have until May 24 to get it done.

What's today, Saturday?  We're really in countdown mode:  5 days to go until our first guest.  We're not ready...!!  But we will be (I think; I hope).

I'll add some pictures later; too tired right now.  Where's that drinkie poo?  Or maybe a shower first, in our new shower, that is, one of our 3 new showers!

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